Breath Stinks? Bad Breath Cure Reviewed

This is me, being silly

Hi, Maria here,

and I have to admit that I was told that my breath stinks more than once.

That was the reason, why I decided to put up this website, to give you my uncensored review of what I really thought about some of the bad breath remedies out there.

I knew that I had bad breath sometimes, but after my daughter told me, that my breath stinks, I felt I needed to do something and my journey began.


Why am I writing this?

Well, while I was searching for a bad breath cure online, there weren’t many actual reviews around from real people, who suffered like I did.

All I could find was hyped up promises from companies, who wanted to sell their “so called” bad breath remedies.

I was quite annoyed and confused back then, so I thought I’d write down my experiences with some of those bad breath cures.

Amongst all the countless products I have tried, I found only 3, that actually worked for me.

But be warned, I’ll be going into both the good and the bad points, so if that’s something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now.

Here are the links to the products, that I have personally tried and will review for you below:

  1. The Bad Breath Report   – I found this to be the best one

  2. Breath RX

  3. Therabreath


I believe that, on my search for a bad breath cure, I probably bought 4-5 different e-books as well as other products, but since most of them did not help me to get rid of my bad breath, I will only give you reviews of the ones, that worked and I can recommend.




I found, that this is a very good product. It gives you fresh breath and pretty much keeps what the advertisements promise.

I stopped using it for several reasons.

I did not like the metallic taste in my mouth after using it and it also leaves your mouth pretty dry.

In order to work effectively you have to use it 3 times per day, which means you need quite a bit of it and I found it to be very expensive.

If I didn’t use it 3 or more times a day, my bad breath was back again.

It works, yes, but was too expensive for me to use all the time.


Breath RX:


This works very well, too, if used as recommended, but I did not really like the taste, well maybe that is just me.

The fresh breath from this product does not last all day, so I used the gums, they offered, too, but even then it would not last very long.

In my opinion, for this price, it should last longer.


The Bad Breath Report:


This report is the best one I downloaded and I bought at least 4 or 5 of those downloadable e-books.

They give you precise instructions to get rid of bad breath and explain very thoroughly why and how you can cure your bad breath.

The only drawback is, that you have to actually spend around 5 minutes each morning and each night for the procedures they recommend.

But, it works very well and the time is not wasted.

It’s also affordable.

Last time I checked it was only $ 19.95.

It is a one time payment and there are no expensive products to buy after that.


This report is definitely worth it’s money and I strongly recommend you checking out their website by clicking right HERE.


They also offer a Money Back Guarantee, so just in case you don’t like it, they’ll give you a refund.


Personal Note:

Even though not mentioned in the Bad Breath Report, but in one of the other reports I had bought, I got myself an Oral Irrigator, which I use every day and I love it.

I believe it works a lot better than flossing, which I never liked to do at all. It’s a one time investment, not really that cheap, but it lasts forever.

If you never want to hear the words: “Your breath stinks again, do yourself a favor and check out the report:



I hope it works just as well for you as it did for me and say cheers, to NO MORE BAD BREATH!

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